Internet Factfile

  1. Only 17.71 websites last more than the first two years.
  2. Websites are usually set up because they seem like a good idea at the time, but then fade away through lack of updates.
  3. There are very few occasions where, after a prolonged period during which a website hasn't been updated, it is re-launched successfully.
  4. Generally a relaunch only consists of a rehash of old material rather than any genuinely new content.
  5. Websites never make a profit without many years of losses (however if you would like to change this, email to learn how you can help!)
  6. It is an unwritten rule that the length of time taken for a web page to load should be inversely proportional to the worth of the content.
  7. Printed materials tend to be given far more credibility than they actually warrant. Similarly, websites are credited with a great deal of erroneous authority purely from their existence, despite containing a load of rubbish purporting to be fact.
  8. Any problems you have viewing a website are all your fault
  9. The accompanying fanfare and promotion surrounding a website (re-)launch is usually inversely proportional to the worth of the site.
  10. Meaningless padding is frequently used to make up for lack of worthwhile content.

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