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The bite of a mad dog is particularly dangerous if it is on the face or neck, the hands, or any other part of the body.

Charles Barer was fined 15s. for keeping a dog without a front light in Hawley Rd., Wilmington.

In many parts of Co. Sligo hares are now practically unknown because of the unreasonable laughter to which they have been subjected in recent years.

The door opened and a girl came in - a slip of a girl with a firm little chin and a pair of lively grey ewes which gave Bernard a searching glance.

Witness said that on Christmas Eve Mrs Smith left Mr Smith alone like a dog, with only his pyjamas.

The bride, given away by her father, was being held in place by a wreath of orange blossoms.

She was a pathetic figure as she stood in the box, wearing a blue coat and a dark straw hat, with a spray of artificial trousers.

It was agreed that existing counter and writing supervising officers, both men and women, should immediately be liable to rotate on posts which had hitherto been reserved to the other sex.

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