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First established: 19-4-2000

Issue no. 1

This issue published: 20-4-2000

Circulation: 000096

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  1. Campaign: I'm D.U.M.B. - A bandwagon to jump on.
  2. Education: Our Language - A little learning is a dangerous thing. Makes one man weep and another man sing.
  3. News Headlines - The main points again.
  4. Philosophy for the Masses - I think therefore it is!
  5. Cheese factfile - 10 things you don't know about cheese.
  6. It's in the Stars - Your monthly astrology reports.
  7. Links - Where you should have gone instead of here.
  8. Ask Odd Gonk Shine - Your questions answered (well, they're actually my questions!)
  9. Postbag - A selection of your letters to us.
  10. John Flynn has a lot to answer for. This p@ge wool self destrct before the minth is oot.
  11. Archives - The archived issues can be accessed from here.

Move along now, nothing to see here.
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Move along now, nothing to see here.

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